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Lift Outs with English Captions

Lift Outs with Spanish Captions

Absence is the Effectiveness
Could Have Been Prevented
Epidemic of Misinformation
Forgotten Lessons
Human Lifespan
Not a Hoax
Pharmacists Stay Open
Risks and Benefits
Science and Faith
Take a Breath
Vulnerable Folks
Viruses vs Vaccines
Vaccinating Communities
Reproductive Numbers
Native Distrust Safety
Measles Story
Historical Trauma
Health Disparities Distrust
Cowpox Smallpox
Flu Vaccine Falsehoods
Hesitation is Not Simple
Misleading Statistics
Our Motivations
Placing Trust
Saving Lives
Systems Fear
Virus Spread
Why It’s Worth It
Vaccines Protect Us From
Types Of Vaccines
Native Trust Traditional vs Western Medicine
Mrna Developmental Timeline
Hope Pharmacy
Herd Immunity
Future Of Vaccines

Vaccination From The Misinformation Virus

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